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Medium: Mixed Media , Painting , Photography & Video , Open Studios , Visual Arts

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Artist Statement

This image is from an ongoing series of mixed media pieces entitled Lost Ones. Working with vintage family photos as source material, I manipulate the scenarios by combining images, altering the physical and emotional relationships among the figures, and/or by creating alternative contexts in order suggest open-ended narratives.
These moments from the lives of mostly strangers captivate me and I often wonder how once precious family mementos could end up at flea markets and thrift stores. By appropriating their images and suggesting new narratives, these figures are, in some small way, no longer “lost ones”. It is my hope that the work captures a range of feelings from nostalgia to uneasiness to a sense of absence – of something perceived, but existing just outside our grasp.


From downtown Greenville, take S Main to Pendleton St. Turn right onto Pendleton St and continue approximately 1 mile (crossing Academy St) into the Village of West Greenville. Continue through intersection of Lois Ave. Artbomb Studios building is on the right across the street from Marion's Auto Repair Shop.