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Medium: Jewelry & Glass , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 412-8087

[email protected]


Artist Statement

Growing up with artistic inclinations in a steel mill town in the Appalachian Mountains, I took in the everyday sights of rolling hills, freight trains and the lattice of bridges, with a child’s wonder-filled eyes. All of this sparked my own creative industry, which I now express through jewelry design.

Clean, simple geometric forms are the building blocks of my designs, which are influenced by architecture, machines and nature. While combining these different influences, I strive to create modern, elegant and comfortable jewelry with a playful twist.

My newest body of work is inspired by the garden outside my studio as well as geology and topographic maps. I create peaks, valleys and fissures hand forged in sterling & gold w/ bold gem accents. Leaves, petals and vines made in sterling and gold are stripped down to their basic geometric forms and combined with pearls and diamonds. The resulting modern designs are both feminine and dramatic but still playful.


MAKE MADE is located on N Main St in downtown Greenville across the street from NOMA Square.