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Medium: Drawing & Paper Arts , Mixed Media , Painting , Photography & Video , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(828) 808-9478

[email protected]


Artist Statement

Art moves me. It frees me from my comfort zone. It centers me when I’m distracted. It guides me when I’m feeling lost. It pushes me to dive deeper into my subconscious when I’m stuck on the surface.

My art changes form. During the creative process the paint flows, drips, splatters, and alters its shape as a liquid. It moves with energy and emotion. As it settles and dries, the work transforms into a solid state, capturing movement even when it has come to rest.

The act of sharing my art is the final movement. I transfer the finished piece from my studio into the world for others to be affected by my actions and form connections with my creative passions.


Go west on S Main St. until you reach Anderson St. Take a left on Anderson and my place is on the right. There is free parking along Arlington Ave. My studio is on the second floor.