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Medium: Drawing & Paper Arts , Mixed Media , Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 704-0762

[email protected]

Artist Statement

Line, value, color and shape tend to be the visual arts elements predominant in my work. Equally important to me, however, are the elements that can only be seen during the actual painting or drawing process. These elements are body, space, time and energy, referring to the art of movement. Creating a work of art is very much a dance to me. I try to incorporate rhythms and patterns of movement into the actual piece, thereby synthesizing the two art forms. I especially enjoy working on location for special events as I strive to capture the essence of the sights, sounds and energy present. I am motivated and inspired by my family and friends, most especially by my children, Jasmine and Trent. Also by my mother Barbara, whose work as an artist has always been my guiding light.