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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 915-8427

[email protected]

Artist Statement

All forms of art fascinate me. I touch upon so many forms during the course of daily life. Each enhancing the other. During this past year I have worked with acrylics at home and watercolors while traveling in Mexico and Western United States. Mostly I have been painting landscapes, forests, flowers and fairies with an occasional building structure.
I have spent the Summer painting and writing at our family mountain cabin in Cedar Mountain, North Carolina. Each piece of art will now come with a story or poem. It has been an enchanted Summer connecting with the forest sounds and infinite layers of light and shadow.
The light is what I am most drawn to and this is why I paint and write: I want to express the light I experience. I love to study and develop relations between texture and colors, light and dark. As a lover of dance and poetry I am always attempting to convey lyrical movement in my