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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

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Artist Statement

"inspired by faerie tales, books, and plays (mostly of the musical variety), the faerie tale feet series invites viewers to explore these beloved tales— and step into character for themselves.

faerie tale feet paintings are built on the impetus of not just of how much we can tell about a person by their posture and shoe choice for the day, but also built on how these stories belong to each one of us.

by providing a way to walk around in someone else's shoes for a bit (thank you, atticus finch), we build not just empathy, but also the bravery we may not have known we were capable of.

deep research into the origins of these stories lingers in the story icons or backgrounds behind each character. by not putting a face on these characters, our diversity remains: we can each be the hero or heroine of these tales, regardless of gender, skin color, body type, or other non- inclusive features. the power to envision ourselves in the leading role of the narrative remains with us every time we crack open the book or listen to the story aloud.
familiar, yet often surprising, details from months of extensive story research will draw the viewer back to explore the original story for themselves.

each painting is a way to continue to pass these classic stories on to the next generation.
the faerie tale feet series bridges the gap between storytelling traditions (oral, written, carved, and performed) and the visual arts— letting us each continue to explore these tales that remind us of what it's like to be human— and maybe just a little bit magic."