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Medium: Clay & Wood , Mixed Media , Photography & Video , Open Studios , Sculpture & Metal , Visual Arts

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[email protected]

My artistic process and my life are interconnected, and creating artwork provides me opportunities to make discoveries and relate to the world around me. The creative process has led me into researching many subjects, but the relationships we have with our own dreams, memories, and spirituality is a concept that consistently shows up within my work. These concepts often deal with ambiguity, intuition, absurdity and other ideas of the unknown which heavily influence my creative process. I aim for my work to be spontaneous, suggestive of narrative, and speak in a language that encourages an unfamiliar dialogue, challenging our perception of the sensical world we inhabit. Formally I work in any medium that is available to me, but often drawing, sculpture, video, sound and installation components are incorporated within my work. Most of my project ideas start in my sketchbook, but the end result will never be the same as my initial idea which excites me. I like to live in the process of creativity and I value asking important questions rather than finding correct answers. Some questions are worth asking even when you know they have no direct answer. I hope that by following my creative intuitions, I can continue learning and understanding the importance of life and sharing my experiences with people around me.


Take North Church St down to the Harris Teeter and turn Right onto Wade Hampton Blvd. Take Wade Hampton all the way down to W Poinsett St then take a right. Turn left into the parking lot for Barnett Gallery right before Few St.