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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

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My artwork depicts humans and animals in such a way that they are recognizable and distinctive, and yet, new life is breathed through them and onto the canvas through the use of vivid colors and through the challenge of exploring and inventing new colors and compositions within the shadows and highlights of these subjects. My creations are at once realistic and impressionistic; detailed, yet leaving questions or secrets in the oblique silhouettes the subjects’ forms cast upon their surroundings. The finished products are often high-contrast and dramatic, as if to portray a silent strength I have found within each subject, expressed through bold use of color and fervent contrast. Specifically, I employ the Neo-Impressionist technique of applying complementary colors next to each other on the canvas, such that it is left up to the viewer's eye to blend the colors in the composition. I seek to explore the mood and aura around my subjects and to unearth a fierce truth about them through the application of fairly detailed, yet poetic, feverish, and evocative brushwork.