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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

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David Watt, a Yankee by birth (Buffalo, NY) and marriage (to a Vermonter), is now an adopted son of the South. He had a fifty-year academic career in organic chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Kentucky, retired from teaching and research in January of 2021, and took up oil painting, perhaps not unexpectedly given that his parents, grandmothers and even a great grandfather were artists. As a scientist, David could only “see” the elaborate molecules he fabricated by using electromagnetic probes or using degradation techniques that fragmented these molecules into recognizable pieces. As an artist, he is learning to “see” again, this time using the artists’ convex mirror that focuses attention on lines and shapes, colors and complements, and shadows and values. In the past few years, he owes much to his patient and talented, painting mentors who have helped him with this new visual journey: Margaret Howard (Louisville, KY), Diarmuid Kelly (Greenville), and his friends in the Monday Night Painters. David’s oil painting interests range from landscapes and wildlife to his current interest in portraiture.