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Medium: Mixed Media , Jewelry & Glass , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(646) 769-0636

[email protected]


Artist Statement

All of my life I have loved finding beauty in all things. With a degree in interior design and 15 years in the hair industry, I love to transform things to make them beautiful. I am fascinated with style, music and design. So when I started painting 2 years ago, I found myself bringing all of these traits into my paintings. I love painting people who intrigue me. Some of their stories might have darker moments, but they have a story to tell. I love to watch them come to life on canvas. As I contour and layer each portrait, I imagine their life and what they have been through. My goal as an artist is to make you smile; to bring out the best in everyone. In a world where everyone can be so critical of one other,  we need to find the good in others. That will bring out the good in us.


Take E North St and Brushy Creek Rd to Trade St in Greer. Turn right onto Trade St. Your destination will be on the right.