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Medium: Mixed Media , Painting , Open Studios , Visual Arts

Contact Information


[email protected]

I'm Caleb Thomas Luthman and I am a visionary mixed media artist pulling inspiration from pop art, music, nature, and deep levels of emotion. I believe an individual piece of art is a gathering place for the focus of multiple perspectives on an individual topic.

ARTbyCTL has grown into a brand revolving around the multiple meanings associated with flowers, paired with the growing complexity of the memories one experiences while coming to age in our ever evolving society. We often lose sight of the simple pleasures of life due to all which is going on around us. We are often pressured and tempted by novelties and we are often distracted by temporary luxuries.

Hence, the brand name "Control The Luxury" was born; An ode to self reflection and the enjoyment of more permanent pleasures.


NW on West Washington St
1 mile - Turn left on W Washington St
1 mile - Turn left onto Smythe St
Destination is on left. White building