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Medium: Mixed Media , Painting , Open Studios , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(707) 319-1756

[email protected]

Artist Statement

I’m intrigued by texture, color, and design. For decades I’ve immersed myself in art forms at every opportunity; at home, living on the West Coast, and while traveling in Europe. Wherever I travel the top attractions are museums, galleries, gardens, and architecture.

It is my nature to attempt to express and create beauty. My understanding of beauty has a unique filter based on my collective experiences. I’ve read extensively about composition and color theory. I’ve also taken numerous workshops to expand my artistry.

Color is often the initial inspiration for any of my work whether it’s an abstract painting, a collage, or piece of jewelry. I typically enjoy the structure of a loose outline to get new ideas flowing and then see where the piece takes my initial ideas. I find the experimental aspects of my work exciting and motivating. I work ‘absorbed’ in the process and eager to see the outcome.


From downtown, take Augusta Rd and turn left at E Faris Rd. Turn right on Longview Ter. Longview Ter makes a horseshoe on this side of E Faris so there is also a second turn onto Longview Ter. #412 is in the middle of the horseshoe curve.