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Contact Information

(864) 908-7747

[email protected]

Artist Statement

After studying graphic design and fine art, my work often uses both digital and physical components. A love for history, and stories in general, continues to influence my primary artwork in mixed media sculptures that are constructed with antiques, wood, metal, paper and other aged ephemera and then blended through a series of washes and distressing. An appreciation for illustration has pushed me to work in clay alongside the more familiar 2d techniques as well. Truly I love creating with anything I can get my hands on.

Most of my sculptural work is a repurposing of ‘used’ materials, a reclamation of discarded, broken or scrap pieces from furniture, pianos, and demolition. The interaction of these materials helps develop a meaning throughout the steps of creation as layers are discovered or developed. The elements begin to establish a new context during the designing process, and a new history of beautiful broken things emerges.


In downtown Greenville, take E. Park Ave, cross Stone Ave, and E. Park becomes E. North St. Continue down E. North through the traffic light intersection at White Oak Drive. Winthrop will be the next street to the right. Turn right, #11 is on the left.