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Medium: Printmaking , Drawing & Paper Arts , Mixed Media , Painting , Open Studios , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(704) 408-0556

[email protected]


Artist Statement

"I imagine my work as how a moment or a place imprints on a person. In collecting images of brain scans and ink blots, I have found that those organic shapes and patches of color have found their way into my abstract landscapes. Memories can be so foggy, unclear, distorted and almost like a static on a screen. Obscured within the landscapes are song lyrics, poem verses or simply something I remember hearing someone say. These words make up the feel for each piece. Some remain visible while others are hidden among the skies and land.

Old photographs, which have been collaged or screenprinted, also make their way into some of the paintings.We always remember things, people and places different than they actually are. Looking at photographs can be an uncomfortable experience even when the image is pleasant, in that it reminds you of how quickly time passes by.
This work can be considered as a pause, to search for clarity of a moment in time."


From S Main St, take Pendleton St approximately 1 mile into the Village of West Greenville. The Bank Building Studios is on the left across the street from The Anchorage.