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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 286-8385

[email protected]

Artist Statement

For me, Art is an expression of what I feel in a specific moment, my reaction to certain circumstances or events, a memory in my path and the feeling of love for life. It is the harmony between my past and my present, a transition to my future and what I want to project in others’ eyes. Art is what I feel and how I want to transmit that feeling to the viewer. It is a projection of me into other people’s feelings. Art is what makes people look with their hearts and make them feel. It transports you to a subconscious world of hopes and dreams… it is a wake up of human sentiments and those sentiments are what make my brush keep dancing. Freud once said: ” The man sleeps so that he can dream”. I paint so I can put life into my dreams.