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Medium: Mixed Media , Photography & Video , Visual Arts

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“We always see with memory”. - David Hockney

As an observer I have always been drawn to my native environment. Content to spend hours looking at light casting shadows on the ground, patterns created in the trees, and glimpses of old houses tucked away just out of view-daydreaming. This observational awareness has been a constant throughout my life and has had a direct imprint on my creative practice.

I am interested in creating works that capture a sense of memory through fading or fragmented imagery. These works are often inspired by loss, family history, personal insight or political tender. In my current work scans of tissues are carefully folded and dismantled, acting like a map of time with each section representing a passing moment. This self-contained universe of sorts with its latent pale colored images forges an illusion between place and what lies unseen. Each delicate image creates an intimate view, depicting a story of what is there, and what is not, and considers how all memories alter and fade over time.

Tissues are scanned on a flatbed scanner at a high resolution. Each one is folded, refolded or crumpled for each scan. The photographs are then layered on top of the scanned image. They are printed on 100% acid free archival rag paper.