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Tryon International Film Festival & Workshops

3 Day Film Festival Event and Free Workshops Open to the Public

Event Types: Film , Classes & Workshops , Artist Opportunities

Oct 7, 2022 10:00 AMOct 9, 2022 5:00 PM

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Steve Wong

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Tryon International Film Festival is opening up its filmmaking workshops to the general public for free this year, Oct. 7-9, 2022. During the three-day weekend in the picturquese Town of Tryon in the North Carolina foothills, there will be 12 workshops and discussion groups, covering topics from screenwriting to acting. You do not have to be a Film Fest ticket holder to attend the workshops and discussion groups.

The Festival, now in its 8th year, piloted offering educational opportunities last year, and it was so successful, twice as many programs are offered this year. And, through sponsorships, all of the educational programs will be free to both the general public and ticket holders. The programs are designed to be interesting and useful for anyone -- casual interest to professional development.

While the breakout sessions are free, RSVPing in advance ensures your seat in select workshops. You can register online at, search under “education.”

Workshop Schedule:


12 PM - Documentary Workshop

Hosted by Clay Johnson

  • Learn how to create a documentary… everything from pre- to post- production!

1 PM - Screenwriting & Financing Workshop

Hosted by Kevin Bernhardt and Steven Esteb | Sponsored by Final Draft

  • How to translate your story into this visual medium and fundraise to get your project off the ground!

2 PM - Smartphone Filmmaking Workshop - Part One

Hosted by Alison Marek | Sponsored by Anaheim University’s Akira Kurosawa’s School of Film

  • Shooting an incredible film with the technology you already have, right at your fingertips!


9 AM - Honeyhead Films Discussion Group

Hosted and Sponsored by Honey Head Films’ Krista Ray and Erika Arlee

  • Meet Honey Head Films’ Kristi and Erika as they share all about how they started their female-centered production company and their experiences as filmmakers!

11 AM - The Nuts & Bolts of Filmmaking Workshop

Hosted by Frank C. Calo | Sponsored by RED Cameras

  • Learn how to create a narrative film, from pre-production, to post-production, and everything in between!

1 PM - Cinematography Workshop

Hosted by Erik Olsen | Sponsored by Spartan Photo

  • Lights, Camera, Action! Join us as we explore lighting and shot composition!

3 PM - Smartphone Filmmaking Workshop Part Two

Hosted by Alison Marek | Sponsored by Anaheim University’s Akira Kurosawa’s School of Film

  • Now that you’ve shot your film, it’s time to learn how to edit on your smart device!

5 PM - Content Creation Panel

Moderated by Jashiel Valerio; Panelists: Jazelle Foster & Cruz Crane | Sponsored by Casting Networks

  • Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok have created new channels for content creation! Learn all about how to start creating your own content and boosting your viewer retention!


11 AM - Voice Acting & Motion Capture Workshop

Hosted by Francesca Calo | Sponsored by Voice Actor Ian Russell

  • What to expect when recording voice overs, and working with motion capture technology!

1 PM - Screen Acting Workshops

Hosted by James K. Fulater | Sponsored by The Tryon Little Theatre

  • Learn how to translate your performance from the stage to the screen!

3 PM - Casting Panel

Moderated by Jazelle Foster; Panelists: Beverly Brock, Francesca Calo, James K. Fulater, Lisa & Steve Lopez, Alison Marek, Patti Price, Jashiel Valerio | Sponsored by Casting Networks

  • Hear from Casting Directors, Agents, Managers, Directors, Producers, and Actors as they share their experiences in the casting room and answer your questions!

3 PM - Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Adventures from the World of Documentary Filmmaking Discussion Group

Hosted by Jamie Huss & Gregg Jamback

Chat with Documentary Filmmakers Jamie Huss & Gregg Jamback as they tell stories about the rewards and trials of creating a documentary.

Downtown Tryon