painting, mixed media

Contact Information:

Greenville Center for Creative Arts
101 Abney Street, Studio E
Greenville, SC 29611
(864) 551-1661

Artist Statement

Sarah Bostick Farrar was born in Savannah, Ga. and raised in the small town of Estill, S.C. She earned a bachelors degree from Clemson University and a Masters Degree from The Medical University of S.C. Although she practiced Occupational Therapy until she and her husband moved to Greenville in 2010, Sarah has ALWAYs had a passion for art. Like her grandmother, an artist, and her oldest brother, an artist and graphic designer in Charleston, Sarah found her drive and her balance in the art of painting. Creating works that are both colorful and full of emotion, Sarah is constantly driven to explore what objects and ideas inspire her. In the beginning of career, her inspirations came from her childhood summers spent in the coastal town of Bluffton, SC. She enjoys painting landscapes or objects such as oysters, cotton fields, old barns, and flowers using acrylic on canvas, but in the past year and a half, abstracts and figure studies have become a favorite. Inspired by what is both cultivated by man and created in nature, Sarah is drawn to the unique coordination of color, light, balance, and mood. Her mediums of choice with her abstracts are mixed including watercolor or gouache layered with charcoal, ink and oil pastels on paper. She primarily works with acrylics and ink or charcoal when working on canvas or wood panels.

"I truly embrace entering the world of art from an outside field. Because of this, I feel more ‘free’ in my art and open-minded in my approach. My goal is to create original art that is accessible drawing inspiration from every aspect of my life both past and present. This brings so much to my life. My hope is that it will bring joy to those who invest in it. I believe that is called success and what being an artist is all about.”


From S. Main St take Pendleton St. approximately one mile into the Village of West Greenville. Turn left onto Draper Street, then right onto Abney. Drive through the gate of the historic Brandon Mill. The Greenville Center for Creative Arts is located in the center of the Mill complex. Studios are on the 2nd level. Enter front door, stairs at the back of the gallery.

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