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Medium: Photography & Video , Open Studios , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 517-0938

[email protected]


Artist Statement

"My work is about exploring the inner dimensions of the human experience and searching for commonality among individuals there.

Yes yes, but what does that mean?

Listen, you have the same bones, muscles, and organs as everyone else. Bodies, when you get down to it, are almost identical. Even psychological patterns can be uncannily similar. Family relationships, addictions, feelings of fulfillment or depression and on and on can be seen all over the place. On the surface we’re not that special.

And yet.

The deeper you go down the rabbit hole of an individual the more you see the uniqueness. You know what I’m talking about. You have an innate feeling that you’re special and you struggle between the ego version of it telling you “I’m special!” and the real, deeper version of it, which is more like “I have a life to live and there’s only one of me. Am I living it?”

Taking a magic carpet ride into my own soul is what my works aim to be about. They’re about looking into your soul too, because the more I’m privy to see within you the more I can learn about myself. You have the same opportunity.

Ultimately I know I don’t matter. Neither does anything I create. Don’t mistake that for negativity or not believing in myself. I’m an optimist and I have loads of confidence. It’s just that I’m not creating anything so viewers can applaud me. When that happens I can and do appreciate it and feel gratitude for it (and of course my ego loves it). But there’s still more we can glean from the connection of me creating an image and you viewing it: we can talk about. Does it speak to you? Do you hate it? Do you love it? Are you not sure how you feel about it?

Ask questions. Any questions. Start a conversation about it. Every picture I create is attempting to go down that rabbit hole. Whether it succeeds or fails doesn’t matter to me. It’s the attempt that matters, the experience of doing it and trying to connect with my deeper self and hopefully you as well.

Rinse. Repeat.

Act. Feel Alive. Do it again."


From N Church St, turn right onto US-29 N/Wade Hampton Blvd and continue for 11.1 miles. Turn left onto SC-14W/N Main St in Greer. Continue for .25 mile. Good Hurt Studios is located on the right behind T2 Design and Construction.