oil painting

Contact Information:

2407 Augusta Street
Greenville, South Carolina 29605
(864) 434-8368

Artist Statement

After many years of working as a fine artist, my original goal “to create and spread beauty” still remains the same as when I first began my art-making journey in 2001. With each new oil painting I create, I am striving to evoke feelings of happiness, hope, and peace. I love to paint landscapes that offer an uplifting view of beautiful places. I also love to paint flowers that smile with contentment as they bask in a pool of the sun’s warming light. Each of my paintings are intended to be snapshots of one simple, perfect moment in time. They are meant to provide a glimmer of hope for this broken world.


From downtown Greenville, take Augusta Street past Faris Rd intersection (CVS + Walgreens). Pass TD Bank and turn left at the traffic light onto E. Augusta Place to park. Studio is on Augusta Street, 2nd house from the intersection, left side of the street (formerly the Manor House B&B).

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