painting, drawing

Contact Information:

56 Montague Circle
Greenville, South Carolina 29617
(864) 918-5658

Artist Statement

My Paintings are fictions created from selected truths. Much of my imagery is taken from the regional landscape and elements from hiking the local mountains. There are often no actual places, events or persons, rather they are invented settings that incorporate or reference actual sources in some way to suggest a narrative. Woven into the suggested narratives are themes of connectedness, purpose, desire, and hope. I prefer the work not have a photographic quality but rather reference experience as remembered, reconsidered, imagined, or simply observed with an empathetic vision and rendered in the language of the medium.The characters in my works are often fictional and I create fictional scenarios in which to place them. I often draw from my own experiences for initial context but I allow the image to change as it develops. I choose real objects from my surroundings and incorporate them into the fictional scenario and I sometimes go looking for things to incorporate after the work is begun. I enjoy finding objects that reference differing realities, some instinctual, some cultural, some spiritual and some cerebral.


From downtown Greenville, take 276 (Poinsett Hwy) towards Furman University. Take the Timmons Arena exit. Turn left onto Old Buncombe Rd. Turn right on Duncan Chapel Rd past the entrance to Timmons Arena. Cross Swamp Rabbit Trail. Montague Circle will be the first road on the left. Turn left, #56 is on the left.

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