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Medium: Clay & Wood , Digital Arts , Drawing & Paper Arts , Mixed Media , Visual Arts

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Artist Statement

In my work I am interested in exploring the parallels between functional objects and human fulfillment. The idea of vessels symbolizing humans is an inevitable motif in ceramics; I use this idea in my own work, and take it a step further by believing that vessels and humans both exist to function the same way: to serve others. In my life, I am constantly noticing the correlation between lasting fulfillment and one’s willingness to interact with and serve others, and in regards to pottery and its form there is a striking similarity. The defining factor in the function of a vessel is the proportion in which it gives and receives, and the same is true for us. I use clay as my primary medium because it has a nature which mirrors that of humans; the process of construction and maturation of clay speaks in harmony with the development of humans. My hope is that through the use of handmade objects one will begin to be aware of their own role in life and find solace in humble service.