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Medium: Painting , Open Studios , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 220-3131

[email protected]


Artist Statement

Having been born and raised in the magnificent, post-industrial city of Saginaw, Michigan, I am interested in the notion of deterioration and urban decomposition. During the past several years, a great deal of my work has been an exploration of psychology, history and narrative practices within the construct of portraiture. I am fascinated with the endless possibilities for discovery through research in history, and I attempt to make each object, person, letterform, or surface offer further points of entrance to the intended narrative.


From downtown Greenville, take S Main to Pendleton St. Turn right onto Pendleton St and continue approximately 1 mile (crossing Academy St) into the Village of West Greenville. Continue through intersection of Lois Ave. The ArtBomb Studios building is on the right across the street from Marion's Auto Repair Shop.