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Medium: Drawing & Paper Arts , Painting , Open Studios , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(214) 605-9248

[email protected]


Artist Statement

I believe art is a powerful voice, that visual metaphors and symbols communicate meaning and can incite change. I am moved by art that demands participation - that is, art that seeks to pull its audience into the ideas and elements of the art itself while simultaneously pushing the viewers into creating a better story for themselves and the world in which they live. I want my art to have a life of its own, for my creativity to be a catalyst within others. My goal is to explore profound questions and ideas, to be present in and filled by this amazing earth, to live fully within my environment as a mother, lover and artist, and to respond to this mind-blowing miracle of life by creating art that speaks.

My current work draws from themes within my environment. The vastness of nature with her open spaces and mountains inspire my brush, while I celebrate her minute details in charcoal dust. Juxtaposed between the lightness of dust and depth of darkness, charcoal speaks to me of life. It is-in its essence-a teacher, and for me, my work within this medium is a practice. Here I learn to be deeply present while holding lightly to what is. My current collection celebrates subtleties and details within the natural world through both choice of subject matter and the utilization of surface medium. In oil, I feel most connected to my work. I am energized by the thickness of the medium and the textures that it creates on a given surface. I feel the tension between mind and body as I work the colors and brushwork together to create an image. It is my most personal art form. In it I face the strength of the medium itself while allowing myself to remain soft and open to the nuances within myself and the environment around me.


Drive southwest down 123. Take the exit for US25, White Horse Road, and turn left to travel south on 25. Take a slight right turn onto Old Easley Bridge Road. Turn left on Cole Road. Pass the stop sign. Turn right into the driveway of the large, white house at 107 Cole Road.