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Medium: Painting , Galleries , Sculpture & Metal , Visual Arts , Museums and Galleries

Contact Information

[email protected]


Artist Statement

I consider myself a storyteller. I have always enjoyed the art of telling a story, whether through the medium of paint, words, or theater. My participation in the any fo these, expands my vocabulary, the dialog of making art. The reasons, of my involvement in art, is that it can be life changing, its transformative. It connects me with community, connects us, to being human. Making art allows one to be more vast in all the emotions that make us human. Great art is a transponder. Whatever the art form, it should set to stage the viewer to have an interaction with themselves. When one experiances art, experiencing the dialog, it's not about the art, but, about the viewer to have an interaction within themselves. It is within these daily challenges, that I find making art making to be most interesting.


From downtown, take W Washington St toward the Train Depot and Legacy Early College. Turn left at the light on to E Bramlett Rd. Come to the intersection of Woodside Ave and W Bramlett Rd. Continue straight for 150 yards. Standridge Studio is on the left. Look for the art studio signage. There is plenty of parking available.