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Medium: Mixed Media , Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 385-0481

[email protected]

Artist Statement

Although experimental by nature, my two dimensional art work has been almost exclusively non-representational and heavily involved in color as the primary mode of expression. Influenced by Pop Art and the lithographs of Bernard Cathelin, my early work tended to flat planes of graphic color but soon, under the influence of Pollock and Tobey, it became more calligraphic and gestural, still preoccupied with color but adding spatial depth to the concerns. But even though the all-over quality of this work remains a prominent part of my vocabulary, compositional elements along with experiments in collage and applied texture have led me to a more painterly place where I can openly acknowledge my debt to Abstract Expressionism. Well schooled in “form follows function” and The Nature of Materials, this seems to be an appropriate place to be.