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Medium: Painting , Open Studios , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 430-2407

[email protected]


Artist Statement

My paintings, much like life in the South, are layered. They don’t tell a singular story, but instead express the beauty in the juxtaposition of decaying wood that feeds thriving ancient oak trees, or a once vibrant flower bending until its first petal falls. You can never truly experience the world from someone else’s perspective, but you can try to explain it from your point of view. That’s what I do with my brush and canvas. The place where color and paint begin on the canvas is moved, pushed, and covered up. Messy layers, bright colors and imperfections combine to create the familiar yet mysterious image that is the South.


From Church St. take a left at Pearl St. Continue straight at the 4-way stop and the road becomes Cleveland St. Cross over McDaniel Ave, and turn right onto the second street which is Fairview Ave. The garage studio is behind 3 Fairview (second house on the right which is white). Walk up the drive to the turquoise door.