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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 430-2407

[email protected]


Artist Statement

"My entire life until age 37 was built on academics and then life as a lawyer. After practicing 11 years and making partner in a large law firm, I took a sabbatical, bought a paint brush for the first time ever and never looked back. Books, museums and fabulous instructors around the country have been my training.

As a contemporary impressionist painter, I am driven by the shapes and colors of the subject matter. I am interested in the way the paint is applied to the canvas - brushwork and the mix of colors create the design. My canvas has a clear subject but I use color and tools to alter the design, softening the edges.

Usually the subject matter and source of a painting reflects the tenor of my life outside the studio. Flowers become inspirational as they bloom in the yard, eventually making it into a vase on the kitchen counter. Landscapes and the magical horizon line draw me into the ocean line, the marsh, the mountain ridge. I often paint landscapes in a calm state with mystical wandering into the canvas. Figures, particularly female ones, can be especially alluring and mysterious. Who is this person and how does she fit into the room?

My paintings take on various stages. Usually the clean canvas is quickly covered in a thin layer of moving colors. The subject appears and I then start layering the paint to build the image, giving it weight. As soon as paint is applied, sometimes it is scraped and reapplied in another area. I start with brushes, often moving to palette knives, layering the colors over one another."


From Church St. take a left at Pearl St. Continue straight at the 4-way stop and the road becomes Cleveland St. Cross over McDaniel Ave, and turn right onto the second street which is Fairview Ave. The garage studio is behind 3 Fairview (second house on the right which is white). Walk up the drive to the turquoise door.