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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information


[email protected]

An industrial designer by training, and a fine artist at heart, creativity lives in Mary Hirvela’s blood. She is a Georgia Tech alumna who recently quit her full-time product development job to pursue her dreams of being an artist.

Mary has a love for painting en plein air and directly from life. This is her way of connecting with nature, her self, and others. She prefers to take an alla prima approach to painting and creates representational art with an impressionist and realist influence. Her art tends to feature landscapes and nature, as this is what she is most inspired by. Mary's paintings capture her perception of a moment in time and all of the emotions, struggles, and perseverance that may come with it. As Mary seeks to find meaning through painting, she hopes that viewers of her work may resonate and find meaning or inspiration from her art as well.

Mary is primarily a self-taught artist, who grew up studying art books on her own and in high school became an accomplished and awarded artist. Mary honed her work through workshops, painting events, and the help of teachers and mentors along the way. Her Industrial Design education shaped her into an innovator, creative visionary, and an entrepreneur. Mary is thankful for her journey thus far and is excited for her budding art career.