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Medium: Printmaking , Drawing & Paper Arts , Mixed Media , Painting , Open Studios , Visual Arts

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[email protected]

Even mindless doodles are unique to each artist. Subconsciously or by intention, we impart our feelings into our artwork through the marks and gestures we make, as well as the shapes and colors we choose. When I paint, each step I take is a response to the previous steps I’ve made. For me, painting is a conversation that I am having with myself – I say something with the marks I’ve made, consider how I feel about them and then react with another expression on the paper, canvas, or panel. Depending on my mood, the conversation may be quick and lighthearted or, if I’m more reflective, slow and deliberate. Each step is an intuitive reaction to the last, and not something that I plan prior to the start of a painting.
While I often sketch ideas, I rarely use them as cartoons for larger pieces. I will, however, choose a color palette from the sketches I’ve made to express a mood or emotion I’m feeling when beginning a series of paintings. I typically begin painting by freely making dark marks on a colored background, and the marks very roughly resemble the outlines of a landscape. As I react to the marks I’ve made, with layers of paint, little remains of the original impression. The landscape-like lines are just a loose jumping-off point to begin the “process” and exploration of painting. In the end, each painting reflects the course of my internal conversation. The intention is to express my feelings through my paintings and evoke a response from others.


Take I-385 toward Columbia/Spartanburg. Go 2.9 miles.
Take Exit 39 toward Haywood Road.
Turn left at light onto Haywood. Then move to righthand lane. Go 0.3 miles.
Turn right on Pelham. Go 3.3 miles.
Turn left on Boiling Springs Road. Go 0.6 miles.
Turn right on Devenger Road. Go 1.4 miles.
Turn right on Myrtle Way. Go 0.1 mile.