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Medium: Drawing & Paper Arts , Painting , Sculpture & Metal , Visual Arts

Contact Information

[email protected]

Artist Statement

I am a Renaissance woman. I studied Art and Theology at the University of Notre Dame and Business and Law at the University of Tennessee. As an Artist, I work in all mediums.
I am a Greenville, SC native. I traveled the world living, studying and working in Africa, on an island in the Pacific, in South and Central America and transversing through Europe and Asia before again returning to my home.
I am very much influenced by the post-minimalist Art movement. I love the perfect symmetry of the circle and square. I often guild my work in gold leaf to signify the preciousness of the piece. I was greatly influenced by my time living abroad and by my interaction with other cultures. Christianity, culture, national identity, simplicity of form and the beauty of the human figure are reoccurring themes in my Art.
Among the many titles, certifications and recognitions that I have received, the most valuable to me is the title of mother.