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Medium: Mixed Media , Painting , Galleries , Open Studios , Visual Arts , Museums and Galleries

Groups: First Fridays

Contact Information

(603) 520-6570

[email protected]


Artist Statement

I was raised in the South, the land of story telling. My early life was spent on a livestock farm working with animals and living very much outside, as a child of nature. With my illustration background I love to tell stories through my paintings about our lives and our purpose on this earth. We should live in harmony with our environment, nature, and our wildlife, as did the Native American culture did long ago; a culture where there was a meaning, a purpose, symbolism, and balance towards nature. For instance did you know, the the Blue Heron in the Native American culture means harmony, balance, truth, tranquility, and good luck. Everything we do should have a purpose and meaning. We would not exist without our wildlife, and hence our environment. We must protect our wildlife for future generations while there is still time.

I hope to engage viewers towards my paintings with impressionistic backgrounds of bright, vivid colors and the light cast upon a landscape. The light often shows us the way or leads us to a place we should go. My foregrounds have  realistic renderings of wildlife, which portray their various characteristics, such as twinkling eyes, softness of fur or features, and their determined stance of existence.  I have worked for many years as an artist in cooperation with homeowners, businesses, architects, and designers in creating commission fine artwork and murals in order to transform an interior space and bring the “Outside In.”


Art Crossing studios are located on the RiverWalk off S Main St, across from Wyche Pavillion.