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Medium: Painting , Open Studios , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 370-9519

[email protected]


Artist Statement

I have painted exclusively with watercolor for twenty-six years. The fluidity and unlimited ability to surprise are both crucial in the joy of the medium. While traditional watercolor is painted on paper, I have also found yupo (a white plastic sheet) to be an exciting surface with endless possibilities for new directions.

As a full-time painter, my subject matter varies for many reasons. Everyday life provides endless inspiration. I enjoy painting people, as well as landscapes, cityscapes and flowers. There is such beauty in those seemingly mundane moments. We might see the same scene over and over in our daily lives, but do we really NOTICE it? My job, as an artist, is to highlight these moments, whether focusing on the human experience or capturing that glow of a city at just the right time.

Color and light are constant attractions. These two elements, prevalent in my nightscape series, provide fuel for never-ending exploration. Greenville is a small, exciting, evolving city. A mentor once told me, “Paint what you know”. The city and its people provide constant motivation as I learn something new every day and attempt to put “what I know” on paper.


From downtown, take N Main St past Stone Ave through the Hillcrest intersection. Take the next left at W Montclair Ave. #118 is toward end of block on the right (a white picket fence is in front). Follow the signs to the right side of the house. Stairs lead to the lower level studio entrance on the back deck.