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Medium: Drawing & Paper Arts , Mixed Media , Painting , Sculpture & Metal , Visual Arts

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The wondrous symmetry and beauty of the elemental world is a constant inspiration to me and defines my work.

An avid quest to explore the seven continents has led me to some of the most important museums in the world. Although originally having a career in the sciences, over time, my travel experience has coalesced into a late-in-life passion – a unique vision that has exploded forth in my abstract art, exploring many different avenues of expression and mediums.

I was raised in the Midwest, where I spent a great deal of time outdoors as a tomboy, enjoying adrenaline sports and spending time with animals. On to Connecticut for high school and college, then to Palm Beach, Florida. I now live happily in Greenville, South Carolina with my husband, Ralph, on a very pretty piece of this green and blue planet, where I try not to take myself too seriously.

I spend my time working on my
development as an artist, and on my spiritual growth as a human being.

Being immersed in nature is my life, and the day is not complete unless I have spent at least a
portion of it outside, especially at sunset. The play of colors in a sunset, as day turns to night, creates an ever-changing palette in the sky that is the key to my inspiration.

In addition to my abstract paintings, you’ll find my three-dimensional artistic creations
fun and imaginative.

The ‘Kusudama’ series are large geometric origami creations, some involving upward of 100 individual pieces of paper.

The ‘Ceramic Ribbon’ series are
glazed pottery puzzles that you can assemble in different ways.

The ‘Refuse Man’ series uses discarded objects, styrofoam and packing materials as constructions.

The ‘Wired Flowers’ series uses discarded electrical wiring as colorful floral bouquets.

The “Lumber Tree” series involves using leftover 2”x 4” wood, recreated back into lifesize trees.

The "Dipped" series involves creating a deep bath of mixed media, then immersing the canvas into the bath, resulting in a fluid abstract synergy of shapes and colors that mix and merge.