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Medium: Mixed Media , Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 414-7067

[email protected]

Artist Statement

My desire is to let my paintings reflect the joy and sweetness of a beautiful piece of music. Working primarily with acrylic paint and ink, I incorporate a variety of gels, pastes, papers and cloth to create textural effects. I have an extensive background in the performing arts. I studied and worked as an actress in New York and performed around the world as a professional singer. As an actress it is exciting to dig deep into the soul of the character to be portrayed. As a singer I love getting into the very heart of the lyrics of a song. As a visual artist, I am motivated by the prospect of distilling and applying the "joie de vivre" of a live performance to the visual arts. I'm truly amazed and blessed each time I watch the heart and soul of a painting come to life.