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Medium: Clay & Wood , Jewelry & Glass , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(970) 319-7502

[email protected]

Artist Statement

I delight in making architectural and functional work in ceramic and glass. I draw from data as well as natural forms and patterns. These inputs are translated to form, color and line to express ideas about sustainability and to draw attention to the beauty of our world, our planet and the ecosystems we share with all other living things. I am inspired by simple things such as the delicate patterns of dragonfly wings, the areas delineated by land use maps, Appalachian pottery traditions, graphic representations of data, artists like Pisco and the aesthetics of pop culture (think: Gotye music videos). I revel in the connections that can be made between these seemingly disparate stimuli. Being an artist is as much about the process and quiet peace I find in the studio as it is about the final product. My favorite pieces are commissions for friends and others because they provide the opportunity to combine knowledge of an individual personality and my own personal aesthetic to fill the needs or desires of another.


Drive north on Main St (passing the Soda Shop), and make a right on E Hillcrest Dr. The studio is located in a former church building on the left side of the street. Make a left turn after the church onto McDonald St and park in the spacious lot behind the church.