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Medium: Mixed Media , Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

[email protected]

My process has become more bold in that it has been dismantled. Unapologetically simple. A near naked reflection of all I love about the base instincts and elements of painting - pushing water, striking an interruptive mark that may complete a piece or render it to the studies and scrap piles. Pigment akin to earth, not trends.

I manipulate my memories into abstract form, or perhaps it is formless. Melted down, if you will. Shadows swollen over land; carved intricacies in a cathedral threshold; that hue of blue I didn’t know existed until my eyes beheld it growing across a bay one morning; the way foothill winters feels to my warm hurricane born bones.
Elegant and jagged. Flowing and contradictory.

It all morphs into abstractions - modern in their minimalism and use of negative space as part of the whole presentation. What is not offered via medium is to be interpreted and enjoyed right along with what is. Breath to balance the demand.


From downtown Greenville, take College St past Heritage Green to Buncombe St, which becomes Pete Hollis Blvd (Hwy 183). At the bottom of the Pete Hollis Bridge, turn left at the first light onto Monroe St. Look for the tractor trailer with the black and white Hampton Station sign. Turn left onto Hampton Ave and cross the railroad tracks. Hampton Station is on the left.