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Medium: Painting , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 235-4483

Artist Statement

Shifting between degrees of abstraction and representational imagery in my paintings, I tend toward landscapes as a general foundation, however, subject and approach vary. Some pieces consist of horizons and vistas as in the common understanding of landscape painting; other works may refer to cut-away, aerial perspectives or perhaps any view imaginable. These are opportunities to break away from representational “land” imagery and employ shape, line, color, texture and even collage, assemblage or juxtaposition. Almost all paintings include detail by simple tools used to scrape, incise, sand, or smooth. Such markings are minimal and most evident upon close inspection and are the subtle elements that tie the paintings together. I hope the collector chooses art basically by what he sees, likes, and finds sanctuary in. Looking at contemporary art other than my own, I am interested in an artist’s commitment to his or her work and to the production of a body of works as a way of life. That is what I offer in my work.