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Medium: Clay & Wood , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 908-5707

[email protected]


Artist Statement

I am fascinated by the resilient power of nature, particularly its ability to adapt to the modern world: persistent vines growing along man-made structures, a flower fighting its way through a sidewalk crack, sunlight saturating the shadows, whether in a forest of trees or sea of buildings. Nature has the power to captivate through simplicity, to make us fall silent in wonder. I experience this same feeling when I’m in the company of friends or family to break bread. Just as nature invites us to come and explore, a well-appointed table creates an invitation to gather. That feeling of welcome can be moving.

My work as a ceramic artist is an extension of my desire to combine the movement and patterns found in nature with a practical approach to modern houseware. I strive to blend beauty with basic form and functionality, creating approachable pieces that are meant to be touched and held. I try to make art that will be used and elevate the everyday.
I work with a white stoneware that ensures everything I create, no matter how modern its form, is still reflective of the natural beauty that inspired it. I throw each piece on the potter’s wheel and alter the vessel through cutting and carving, playing with light and shadow while exploring and forming its curves. Each piece is unique while still connected to my other works through neutral, soft color palettes, and clean, even glazes.

My most recent body of work includes a collection of multi-functional pieces embellished with botanical cut outs that can stand alone as their own sculptural elements. The end result are vessels that appear delicate and airy, but are simultaneously a strong and sturdy focal point in a home. My hope is this new phase of my work will be a subtle testimony to the enduring power and beauty of nature.


Take I-385 S for 2 miles and exit onto Haywood Rd (exit 27). Turn left onto Haywood Rd and go 2 miles. Take a left onto Rollingreen Rd. The house is on the left with the studio down the driveway.