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Medium: Drawing & Paper Arts , Mixed Media , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(954) 292-1812

[email protected]


Artist Statement

Artist Statement,
As an artist my goal is first and foremost to allow my intuition to create an experience on a physical surface. I believe the power of gestural mark making separates and creates the artist with his or her own distinctiveness and quality of their own art. My gestural line is a reflection of my soul and life; and, as the artist, I want to explore the understanding on how powerful the mark making line can be. My idea is to bend and manipulate my gestural line by causing it to be curved, disfigured, entwined, and progressed to places I have never experienced in art. I believe there is no category for the art work I produce. I have explored my gestural line through the use of shape, balance, form, and depth. Secondly, I instinctively choose to create art because it makes me happy; it helps me to connect the dots of my past and grounds me for the present. I create on my own terms, in which I belie