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Greenville Concert Band promotes the quality performance and appreciation of band music of classical and popular genres, balancing audience appeal with challenging literature for its members. We provide an opportunity for skilled volunteer musicians of all ages and walks of life to pursue their art in a relaxed yet purposeful environment. The Band is committed to advancing the American Musical Experience, giving our best for our audiences. GCB serves the communities of Upstate South Carolina, principally Greenville County. Many of our performances are offered to the public free of admission charge.
The Greenville Concert Band brings a unique blend of musicianship, enthusiasm, and community spirit to each performance during our concert season, which is typically from September through May or June.
In past years we joined with young school musicians from Greenville County in our special Arts For A Lifetime project. Its goal is to engage students in a memorable experience with community arts, knowing that memories created by their participation in this project will carry forward to encourage future participation in arts organizations and activities as they reach adulthood.
The Greenville Concert Band is open to woodwind, brass and percussion instrumentalists who have several years of experience in playing their instrument. If you are interested in joining, contact Dr. Dan Turner, [email protected]. Dr. Turner will evaluate your experience and the open positions in the band, and schedule an audition if there is a fit.
The Greenville Concert Band is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), with IRS Employer Identification Number 57-0734043. We rely on contributions from members, arts organizations, area businesses, and the general public, to fund our programs. Please see our for further information and opportunities to offer support.