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Medium: Printmaking , Painting , Open Studios , Visual Arts , Sculpture , Drawing

Contact Information

(337) 302-9986

[email protected]

Artist Statement

I have been an Art Professor for 30 years and have always believed in a versatile visual exploration that spans different media. I have done work in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, theatre, and recently IPad. I have also explored representational art as well as abstract art. I believe that an artist should listen to their muse, that is why my work is multi-dimensional.

I can draw anything rendered realistically or abstractly cloaked in a veneer of expressiveness. I constantly pursue the essence of my subjects. My mentors are the artists, through history, who have made a lasting impression on the world. My hope and goal is that my work will be included among these.
My work is traditional in the sense that I firmly believe in the strength of good drawing skills at the heart of any substantial work of art in any medium. My drawings are realistic, carefully rendered in charcoal, pencil, or ink. They span the intimate, five by seven inches, to the monumental, five by eight feet. My subject matter is from nature- biology, landscape, and figurative. I ultimately prefer charcoal as my main medium because of its versatility in creating texture and tone. Also, it is the ideal tool for creating my monumental drawings in its ability to be deeply expressive.