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Medium: Clay & Wood , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 350-9420

[email protected]

Artist Statement

My work involves the abstraction of familiarity, be it of the corporeal realm or of objects from my environment, translated into sculptural ceramic forms. This discovery and creation of form focuses on their interrelationships and my exploration of surface, color and content. The majority of my work is wheel-thrown and altered, and it challenges the notion of traditional functional ceramics. This abstraction plays on the simultaneous familiar and ambiguous nature of how we have been conditioned to understand those forms. I am interested in the form which is concurrently odd and elegant, which pushes and pull the viewer in opposing directions, perhaps by repelling and attracting at once. My forms often relate to the corporeal, and thus the sensual, qualities which are communicated through choices made in form, surface, color and content. The work capitalizes on interior and exterior spaces, containment, and the symbologies evoked by these spaces. Dialogues between forms are an essential element in my work, and this is why I pair or group forms together and tend to work in series. These relationships between forms suggest similar human interactions, and involve the identity of the individual within a group or their environment. It is with such relationships that I attempt to communicate the issues behind the formal nature of the work. In addition, I am intrigued by the broad range of response possible in an audience such as laughter or discomfort, and the psychological implications behind such response.