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Medium: Digital Arts , Mixed Media , Painting , Sculpture & Metal , Visual Arts , Photography , Sculpture

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My work is inspired by deep, enduring memories of growing up near a large lush pond in the back woods of Connecticut and the magical tales my parents told my brother and me. In particular, my mother’s stories of a dragon in the pond (told more to keep us away from the pond and out of harm’s way) have had a lasting impression; my studio is called Dragonwood. All my parent’s stories conjured a mysterious kingdom of nature that has entranced me every since. My thoughts are never far from that secret world by the pond and all it’s characters. 

My travels have also had a great influence. The lush gardens of England, where I lived for seven years and where my father was born, are part of my DNA. And experiencing the vivid waters and sea life of the Great Barrier Reef holds sway upon my use of color. These mysterious natural worlds, where humans are absent characters, influence my art. I strive to bring my love of all these beautiful places alive in every one of my artworks. Each contain a story and each story will be adapted by the viewers with their own.