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Medium: Clay & Wood , Sculpture & Metal , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(215) 704-2776

[email protected]


Artist Statement

Elaine Quave’s ceramic sculptures evoke a garden, one that represents an intimate balance between humans and nature. The use of porcelain bones to represent plant life describes a sense of all encompassing connectivity in which cycles of life and death operate in harmony and definitions of individual entities deteriorate. The work addresses what it means to be human through exploring the physiology of our bodies and placing our existence in relation to the world around us. It represents a plurality of space: the world within and the world outside in simultaneous representation. The work seeks to create an impact reminiscent of a bleached coral reef; the initial feeling of serenity dissolves as the resulting death is recognized. Quave’s work asks the viewer to recognize the environmental destruction and extinction of species that is happening in the current geological age – referred to as the Anthropocene – an age characterized by the impact of human related activities on the ecological balance of nature.