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Medium: Jewelry & Glass , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 421-4314

[email protected]

Artist Statement

I grew up in a small town in upstate New York, that had streets lined with old Victorians flaunting their stained glass windows. As a young child, I remember gazing into the colorful windows of shaped glass with pure wonder and fascination.
At one point, I owned a kitchen design studio where I designed and commissioned stained glass panels to be inserted into cabinet doors. Later I managed a lighting showroom where one of my favorite types of items to select and stock was stained glass lighting and panels. Once again, I found myself drawn to the play of light, form and glass. As fate would have it, I began to create glass art which in retrospect came very naturally.

My first project was a turn of the century stained glass panel. While some of my work still incorporates classic and traditional forms, I enjoy adding unexpected twists and interesting angles and creating new and intriguing ways of looking at glass.

The design process brings its own unique set of decisions. With each piece, I work out the art of directing light through a maze of geometric forms varying in color and texture. By continuously observing and manipulating each piece I am given an unending array of creative possibilities as my designs unfold.