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Medium: Mixed Media , Jewelry & Glass , Visual Arts

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[email protected]

Life is funny, I have been playing with stained glass for over 5 years, just not in the traditional methods. Late in 2021, I made the decision to transition to the Tiffany style of Stained Glass. I loved the entire Tiffany-stained glass method; from finding a pattern, selecting the glass, cutting glass, foiling, fluxing, and soldering all those tiny pieces of glass together to create a gorgeous scene.

I am an out-of-the-box thinker, so in March of this year, I traveled to Colorado to visit with my grandchildren. While there, my two granddaughters inundated me with their creations of dress drawings. It was then that I offered to make one of those dresses into a stained-glass dress. Why not give it a try? This was the beginning of “Stained Glass Couture”.

The dresses have taken on a life of their own, including their own fans. To see these dresses bring so much joy to so many others is an amazing experience. Shortly after I began to make the dresses, I also began to get commission work, recreating wedding dresses and prom dresses, which I think is amazing.