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Medium: Galleries , Museums and Galleries

Contact Information


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Mission Statement

Chris Bruner offers mostly Black and White Photo Art of the world around him with a focus on shape, line, and texture. He seeks to find abstract views in everyday scenes and includes Photo Art from 12 different countries. Chris shoots film as well as digital and prints with the finest papers and inks available. Prints are offered in limited edition series and are available in a variety of sizes including the option of matting and framing.

Additional Information

Chris Bruner has been an avid photographer since the 1970’s when he would document his family vacations with any type of point and shoot camera he could get his hands on. He would vacation at the beaches and mountains of North and South Carolina and simply adored the photographic process. The anticipation and excitement that came over him when he would open an envelope of prints was thrilling. Around 1979 Chris purchasing his first SLR from the local K-Mart, it was a Pentax K1000 with two lenses and a gadget bag. Buying that manual SLR camera was an awaking moment for him as a photographer.

The next decade Chris shot color film and had it processed locally while honing his skills with a manual SLR camera. He took pictures of family events and various gatherings, never really focusing on “Fine Art” photography. Soon after he was married, Chris discovered a passion for Fine Art Photography and immersed himself in the darkroom developing the skill of wet silver gelatin printmaking. He has since converted to a digital workflow although many of his current offerings were shot with Kodak Black and White film.

Over the years Chris have taken a few photographic classes, workshops and completed some studies in Fine Arts while he was in college at The University of South Carolina. Essentially though, he is a self-taught photographer. To stay current Chris reads books, magazines and publications covering the many aspects of photography and art... Photography is a life long passion for him.

Chris’ Photographic offerings are from 12 different countries as well as various states in the US. His goal is to create an emotional attachment to a photograph, strike a provoking thought or cause the viewer to feel connected in some way to the photograph. He does not limit myself to a single subject, although Street photography is his favorite method, he will photograph Still Life, Architecture and Landscapes motifs. He prints with the finest paper and inks on the market and his photographs are signed and are offered in limited series.