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Contact Information

(864) 255-9596

[email protected]

Mission Statement

The mission of Chicora Voices is to provide quality choral instruction for children, young men and young women to perfect their voices and strengthen their character in an environment promoting teamwork, discipline and leadership without regard to race, religion, or economic status.


Chicora Voices offers a program of rehearsals, concerts, social events, and travel that is exciting and inspirational. Focused artistic effort toward a common goal allows the boy choirs, girl choirs, and young men and young women choirs to build team work, character, responsibility, and friendships in addition to the rewarding musical accomplishments. The choirs sing alone and in collaboration with other CV choirs as well as other choirs and orchestras in the region. Travel opportunities, including festival and concert engagements, are a priorit for the advanced ensembles as state, regional, national, and international invitations are evaluated for each choir in a given season. Tickets for Holiday (December) and Spring (May) concert performances can be purchased by contacting Chicora Voices at (864) 255-9596.