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Medium: Clay & Wood , Drawing & Paper Arts , Other , Jewelry & Glass , Sculpture & Metal , Visual Arts

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Artist Statement

My sculpture is powerful, expressive, and emotional, yet simple at the same time. It is drawing and intriguing, and at some times, disturbing, yet still holds a strong sense of beauty. My artwork always contains elements that connect the viewer by self-recognition, primarily though relation to the figure and other basic human objects, such as masks. I use the figure often because I want my audience to have a sense of self-reflection when experiencing my work. My process often changes during the production of a piece to accommodate fresh ideas; by communicating with the process of my work the concepts themselves with evolve. The process of making becomes vital to the finished product and gives the viewer a similar experience.
Currently my work finds itself rooting in my own experiences as young woman. Often it expresses ideas of sexuality, sensuality, and beauty: themes commonly associated with the feminine. While some of these pieces are positive expressions, others take on a darker tone when they start to deal with the pressures, and negative impact some of these ideas can have on woman, and human relationships in general, when they are falsely understood. In this context my work brings in themes of power and authority, masculine vs feminine, pain and pleasure, status, and more. With my work I try to play with firmly held conceptions of these ideas and transform them, so they become something new, something closer to the truth.

Artist Statement:My work is about an instinctual and natural expression. It is a reflection of my own experiences that I use to create an understanding of the outside world.  As a whole, my current work takes root in the power that these ideas possess together: the unknown, the instinctual, and the self.

In my sculpture, I use the figure to express human nature and our connection to each other and our surroundings.  The figure is always present in my work whether literally or not and it is most often portrayed in a primitive and natural state, using minimal man-made or natural objects.

In my pottery I use design elements that are found in nature and the human body. These aesthetic hints are meant to evoke an emotional response by reminding us of something we know well, yet cannot place. Each pot is an exercise I undertake to illustrate the connection between forces and the balance that is present.