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Medium: Photography & Video , Visual Arts

Contact Information

(864) 423-0401

[email protected]

Artist Statement

Portraiture has always been my true love as an artist, and transforming beautiful images into artwork for the wall, my passion. While any present day consumer views more photography now than ever, it’s become increasingly uncommon for even photographers to print their work. My inspiration comes from those who commission my work and my quest to tell their stories, and careful plans are made before the shutter snaps as to a vision for the finished piece and its resting place. We discover together the power of artwork, to do more than tell a story- to help someone heal, to self-actualize, to move towards their best self. Artwork, for me, is a collaborative journey, a gift we give each other, and a vitality to being part of my community.


Take E North St and Brushy Creek Rd to Trade St in Greer. Turn right onto Trade St. Your destination will be on the right.